Manta Ray – Fraser Island Barges

Manta Ray Barge is a locally owned Fraser Island Barge service.

Manta Ray  Fraser Island Barges operate  daily from 6.00am to 5.15pm No bookings Required.

The trip to Fraser Island from Inskip Point Rainbow Beach takes approximately 10 minutes and with 2-3 barges operating during peak seasons there is virtually no waiting.

Manta Ray Barge & Permit Office is open 7 days a week.

Our Office is the first point of contact when driving into Rainbow beach, just past the 60km sign on the left hand side of the road. 66 Rainbow Beach Rd, Rainbow Beach Qld 4581.



Wednesday 28th March 6.00 am – 5.15 pm

Thursday 29th March (Shift 1: 5.15 am – 5.15 pm) + (Shift 2: Thurs night 11.30 pm – 5.15 pm Fri afternoon)

Saturday 31st March 6.00 am – 5.15 pm

Sunday 1st April 6.00 am – 5.15 pm

Manta Ray Barge & Permit Office Hours – remain the same from 6.00 am – 4.00 pm 7 days a week during Easter 2018.


The Manta Ray Fraser Island Barge service was started approximately ten years ago and continues to be owned and run by local operators.  Initially set up to break a crippling monopoly of eleven years the Manta Ray Fraser Island Barge Service continues to keep the prices to and from Fraser Island to an affordable level so that everyone can enjoy its beauty.  Like every small company we care for our customers

The Manta Ray Fraser Island Barge service is a small locally owned and independent Australian company and believe every Australian and also the overseas visitor should be able to enjoy the Fraser Island experience.


Approaching peak seasons it is highly recommended to purchase barge tickets and permits in advance especially camping permits. 

Please contact our office on 07 5486 3935 and purchase your tickets and permits in advance and we can send them out to you.

Please note: during peak seasons we do not take phone bookings so please organise all permits and tickets prior to these periods.

Why Choose the Manta Ray?

Two Barges operating all day means virtually no waiting
Available 365 days a year
Locally owned and operated
A portion of our profits go to support the local community
Friendly, professional service