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Attractions – Visit The Cathedrals with Fraser island Ferries

After enjoying your journey on  the Manta Ray Fraser Island Ferry, you can discover some of the many natural attractions like The Cathedrals.  They are located on 75 Mile Beach about 18 kilometres south of Indian Head.

The Cathedrals are coloured sand cliffs and were eroded  and sculpted by the elements blowing in from the Pacific.   Spectacular colours like, red, yellow, brown and orange are a feast to the eyes most notably in the early morning.    The cliff faces are a stark reminder of how incredibly large the dunes are in this environmental paradise.   The colourful spires and peaks are reminiscent of the great Cathedrals and is how they got their name.   there’s lots to see and do on Fraser and Manta Ray Barges can deliver you there safely twice a day every day.

Why Choose the Manta Ray?
  • Available 365 days a year
  • Locally owned and operated
  • A portion of our profits go to support the local community
  • Our aim is to provide a Friendly, professional service.