ABN 73 098 773 141

(“The Carrier”)

All passengers, vehicles and goods are subject to the following conditions:

  1. Use of this ticket constitutes acceptance of an agreement to be bound by all terms and conditions printed herein and acknowledgement that the person who purchased the ticket was acting as the agent for the passenger.
  2. To the extent permitted by law, the carrier, its servants and agents shall not be liable for any loss, damage, delay or injury caused (either direct or indirect) to any property or any person arising out of or in any way incidental to the carriage of passenger vehicles or other goods of whatsoever description or any services ancillary there to or any activities on or in the vicinity of the vessel including embarking and disembarking whether resulting in whole or in part from any act or omission by the carrier, its servants or agents or due to any negligence, misconduct or default of the carrier, its servants or agents.
  3. Any oral representation made by any person concerning the liability of the carrier, its servants or agents shall not be binding.
  4. The carrier in making the contract contained herein is and shall be deemed to be acting as agent or trustee for the benefit of all persons or corporations who are or might be the carriers servants or agents and all such persons shall to this extent be deemed to be parties to the contract contained herein.
  5. All persons shall obey instructions (if and when given) by the servants and agents of the carrier.
  6. The carrier reserves the right to decline transport to any person, vehicle or goods without assigning any reason, or to cancel or vary any scheduled trip without notice.
  7. All warrants implied herein by virtue of any legislation are included only to the extent that they are applicable to the contract contained herein and may not be excluded from it.
  8. A false declaration or statement concerning the measurement of any vehicle to be transported by the carrier may result in that vehicle being left behind.
  9. Smoking is at all times prohibited on the vehicle deck.
  10. No refund if you choose to exit Hervey Bay.
  11. If ticket not used on booked date arrangements can be made for use on later date.
  12. A charge of 25% for refunds on unused tickets.